CartWin for collectors

CartWin is the ultimate software to identify and to catalogue collections of small and medium caliber ammunition (up to 40 mm). It is especially made for cartridge-collectors.

Identification of ammunition is normally a complicated job which takes a lot of time. Many books are needed before a cartridge is identificated. Besides that, to make a catalogue of a collection is quite some job, with lot of energy you start making a system, but after some time it seems that a lot of changes about certain facts make such a catalogue useless. To registrate the know how is also such a problem.

Now with CartWin it has become very easy. You can have a quick look at your whole collection, which has gained more value: you have indeed three dimensional illustrations of cartridges in a scientific book, instead of a simple piece of metal. Within a few minutes you know which caliber it is, from which country it is, which type of cartridge it is and who made it. Of course you can make your own lists to be used on an exchange for example.
CartWin gives you a new vieuw on collecting cartridge.

The only thing you need is a caliper and an ordenairy Windows-computer.

CartWin is delivered with a large number of data, that are additional. CartWin is delivered with a complete and clear helpfiles.

At this moment there are already many CartWin-users all over the world.

Besides this CartWin version, there is also a special version for professional users like police-forces, military and investigators.

CartWin is now available for you for only:

€ 1,499.- Euro

Excluding VAT tax and shipping, approx 3 weeks delivery.
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Very high discounts for individual members of collector associations such as the NVBMB or one of the other ECRA clubs, or the IAA, SARA, Asociaton Agentina Collectiones de Amas y Municiones, New Zealand Cartridge Collectors, South African Cartridge Collectors Association and the Australian Cartridge Collectors’ Association.
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CartWin and CartWin Pro are products of Knap Visuals