CartWin for Professionals

CartWin Pro is the ultimate software for the identification of small and medium caliber ammunition (up to app. 40 mm for portable arms), it is specially made for organizations that are interested in identifiying ammunition like police-services, Defence, military, investigators and specialists in this field.

Identification of ammunition is normally a complicated job which takes a lot of time. Usally help of specialists or external investigation laboratories was needed for this matter. Now, with CartWin Pro it has become a simple matter, which spares a lot of time and time is exactly what counts in a just started investigation, when the traces are still fresh.
Within a few minutes you know which caliber it is, in which country it was made, which type of cartridge it is, who and when it was made.

The only thing you need is a caliper and a Windows-computer from the type that is normally used in an office.
CartWin Pro is delivered with large data files. For a period of one year these files will be added without additional costs. During this year you will also be given free technical support. After this year you can subscribe to the support account and data updates, so you always of the latest knowledge in this specific field can benefit. Of course CartWin Pro with comprehensive and clear help files supplied.

At this moment, CartWin Pro with great success in more than 60 countries used by various police forces, defense organizations and research laboratories.

Low price, fast payback time!
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If you are interested in CartWin Pro, you can use the link below directly to request a quote for your organization! Of course there are also Multi-user license available for your organization.

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Besides this professional version of CartWin Pro a version especially made for cartridge-collectors is available.

CartWin and CartWin Pro are products of Knap Visuals